Andrew Slezak

Education: Marymount University B.A. Health Promotion Management, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Specialty: Strength Training, weight loss, injury prevention and mobility

Hobbies: Snowboarding, mountain biking, hunting& fishing/enjoying the great outdoors, Power lifting, olympic lifting, lacrosse,

Quote: “It’s a great day to get better”

Bio: Hailing from Houston, Andrew Slezak recently moved to Arlington, Virginia to attend college and begin a completely new chapter in life. Now Andrew is a Senior at Marymount University where he studies exercise science and is working towards an ACSM Health Specialist Certification.

His interest in physical health and weight lifting began in 7th grade football when after school workout sessions became mandatory immediately a day after his last game (life really wasn’t far off from the movie “Friday Night Lights”). As his body developed so did his mentality, the gym not only made Andrew physically healthy, but it developed a strong work ethic; goals were set and achieved, set backs were encountered along with self doubt. But with perseverance he proved to himself that where there is a will there is a way. The lessons taught in the gym became applicable to everyday life.

Andrew is an ACSM certified personal trainer and currently working to become an ACSM Health Specialist. His own training regimen and philosophy is based on working smart, not hard. You will strive to be the best that YOU can be, and not compare YOUR OWN success with others. All of us are fully capable of lowering our risk of lifestyle diseases and becoming a more mobile functional human being through exercise. An exercise program prescribed by Andrew will involve moderate to high intensity exercise that incorporates full body movements, mobility/active recovery days, and strength training. One can expect to gain a higher aerobic capacity, flexibility, muscular strength, self-confidence, and a healthier lifestyle. People are designed to move, not sit around all day, clients are encouraged to live active lifestyles to disassociate the words “exercise” and “gym” and start thinking “active life”.

Hobbies and special interest: Power lifting, Olympic lifting, functional training, Lacrosse, hunting and fishing, snowboarding, mountain biking, back packing, archery, and having a good time.