Successful development and measurable results of your fitness and health must be approached with a well-rounded design. We believe that we can develop and implement a safe, fun and effective program design that will move you towards your fitness goals by combining all components of your fitness. Whether you want to lose body fat or build muscle or both at the same time, best we can quickly and effectively get you the results that you have been waiting for!

This is how we do it

Proper Cardiovascular Training: Cardiovascular activity is an extremely important component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our staff of fitness professionals will design the appropriate amount of cardiovascular activity that is necessary for you in order to utilize fat stores for energy or increase cardiovascular conditioning and stamina. We will make sure that the frequency and the intensity of your cardiovascular activity is appropriate for you and meshes well with your fitness goals.

Proper Resistance Training and Flexibility: Whether your goal is to lose body fat or gain lean body mass, proper resistance training is an important component to anyone’s exercise program. Our staff will design a safe and highly effective workout for you every time you meet. We will educate you on the proper biomechanics to maximize your time and minimize your risk. We will also provide a detailed workout to you for the days spent exercising without a trainer so that you constantly continue to advance towards your goals. Consistency is the key here! Most importantly, we will motivate you to keep you on track and to keep your exercise fun!

Systematic Application: 61% of new exercisers drop out of their fitness routine within the first 60 days of when they start because they do not notice any changes. Don’t be a part of this statistic! Our staff will ensure your continual progress by monitoring and constantly adjusting the components listed above. The human body can become accustomed to a stimulus in as little as two weeks. This is where change or development stops. Our team will always keep you motivated and compliant with your program. The bottom line is that we want to keep your body continuing towards your goals and we want you to avoid those plateaus.