Running Program

So you’ve never done a 5K race before, but you’d like to try?
Maybe you’re training for a full or half marathon?
Fast or slow and any distance or goal, Fitness Image Results can help you get to the finish line!

Each runner is different, and so is your training. Online, cookie-cutter training programs are geared towards helping everyone a little bit, but they aren’t made for you specifically. They cannot adapt to your capabilities, injury, weather, setbacks or progress. Most importantly, they don’t include a coach to help you through to the end, to answer your questions, or to meet with you and help you in person when necessary. With the Fitness Image Results’ Running Program, you’ll receive weekly, personalized workouts that adapt to you as you move forward. You’ll have access to a USATF certified coach whenever you need it and support from fellow runners and in amazing group runs. Let’s work together to shape the new you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions regarding the Running Program. Still have a question and can’t find the answer? Click here and ask away! We will always get back to you promptly.

What do I need to get started? Good running shoes are an absolute must! There are several great vendors in the region that can supply you with that, and we can help you pick the kind of shoe that best suits you.
Second, a watch with a stopwatch function is very important as you will often be asked to time your runs.
Third, you’ll want to have a way of measuring how far you go. There are a multitude of smartphone apps, websites, and GPS devices dedicated to measuring your run, so find the one you like best. Again, we can help you with that too.

Are there classes (group runs) to attend? Are they required? Yes. Group runs are held over the weekend and you are welcome to attend, but they are not required. These classes are great opportunities to ask questions and get some hands-on training from your coach. If you can’t make it over the weekend, personal meetings can be arranged on an individual basis.

I can’t run, but I want to learn. Is this right for me?” YES! Every runner starts out somewhere! Your training program is geared to you and only you. We can take you from a walker to a runner faster than you think. You just have to get started!

Is the Running Program like the Boot Camp Programs you offer? This is a very different process than the Boot Camp classes. For starters, while Boot Camp focuses on all aspects of your fitness, the Running Program is all about running. The program is a very personalized process that you develop with your coach and do on your own under his/her guidance. You are responsible for your own training and getting out there and putting in the miles. Your coach will be keeping close tabs on you during the process, however, and keeping you motivated to hit the road!

Is the Running Program only for people training for a race? This program is for EVERYONE! We can coach people just interested in fitness, help you get a personal record in a 5k, complete your first marathon, and everything in between or beyond. No two runners are exactly alike; your coach will work with you to develop YOUR goals and training timeframe and then set to work on getting you to the finish line, wherever that may be.

I’m training for a race. How much time do I need to get ready?” The longer the better. While some benefits can be gained from even a short amount of time, the more time you have to train, the greater the benefit. The suggested time is 16 weeks (4 months), although programs can be tailored to any amount of time. Usually the longer the race, the more time you’ll need to train.