Big Fitness Little Fitness

Want to get a solid workout in, but don’t like the idea of leaving your child in the gym’s play area? Wouldn’t you rather workout while your child is doing something productive, educational and fun?

Two of the area’s top fitness professionals, Jeff Strahan (Fitness Image Results) and Jennifer Wysocki (Barre Yo) are excited to offer this New program – a co-ed Adult Boot Camp workout and Kids Exercise Dance class.  Both classes will run at the same location but conducted separately.

For the Adults
Adults will experience a challenging program that focuses on improving cardiovascular stamina, and increasing muscle tone and strength while decreasing body fat and changing body composition. Each class consists of a highly structured and unique workout and is different every single day.  This program can give you the results you are looking for, regardless of your body type, age or conditioning level.

Program Focus

  • Strength training
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Abs and core
  • Flexibility and stretching

We will constantly be throwing a new and different stimulus at your body so that it will constantly try to adapt to what you are doing and thereby preventing you from ever staying on a “plateau” in your fitness. We will start you out at your current conditioning level and then help you steadily progress from there. As long as you can stand upright and walk, you are good to go and you will be able to succeed in this program!  Think of the program as personal training in a group atmosphere.  Unbelievable workouts, remarkable results; all of that for just a few dollars per class!

For the Kids
Kids will participate in a creative dance class like no other! Ballet is a wonderful activity for young children, capable of teaching confidence, poise and grace. For little ones with a passion for movement, Big Fitness/Little Fitness is a great place to start. While there are many fantastic dance studios in our area, Jennifer is a dancer and a mom, and she’ll introduce your child to the magic of ballet different than the typical approach around here. Ballet, jazz, and hip hop will be presented through story time, technique and creative movement. Because we want you to feel completely confident in your child’s environment while you workout, we have a fool-proof template in place to keep our class surroundings fun, caring, and an imaginative place for our tiny dancers.

Age Ranges: Adults 18+ and Kids 2-6 years old

When: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Time: 11:30am-12:30pm

Location:  Brambleton Corner Clubhouse & Pool –  42255 Palladian Blue Terrace Brambleton, VA 20148